Character: Franklin

Area: Northern Vinewood Hills

Unlocked After: Caida Libre

Some guys just like to take lifestyle to the EXTREEEEEEEME, and Dom is one particular of individuals guys. Type of a much less-repressed, much more optimistic Mary Ann, Dom first meets Franklin whilst hanging upside down in a tree - and from that stage on, Dom is bent on creating Franklin's lifestyle just a minor much more EXTREEEEEEEME.

Okay, possibly a lot much more.



- Head for the waypoint in gas chainsaws the north of Vinewood Hills. It is much more or much less in the middle of nowhere, out in the middle of nowhere. You're hunting for a golden retriever at the side of the road.

- Observe the very silly reduce scene.

- Adhere to the puppy as it runs down the close by trail. He and Franklin will have... quite... a conversation.

- Technique the guy in the tree. Another reduce scene ensues.

- Adhere to Dom down the hill to the following waypoint. It takes place to be a helicopter. (Get in the suitable side or he'll be very upset.) You can skip the subsequent conversation if you want. (Hit the button when the conversation stops. Previous a great post to read sure stage the helicopter just rises quietly.)

- Leap out of the helicopter. 'bout time. If you have parachuted prior to - even if you have not - this aspect is relatively simple. Focus on the yellow spot marked on the mountain far below. Sweep hapless Franklin about the landing stage in loose circles so you happen to be aimed appropriate at it as he's gas chainsaws coming down.

- Get on the bike after you have landed.

Now comes one particular of the most brutal races in the game. You need to have to make it down the mountain and check out to beat Dom in a biking duel-to-the-not-so-death-but-could-end-that-way-if-you happen to be-not-mindful. Here are some recommendations for finding to the bottom in one particular piece, and potentially winning.

- Get a sense for your bike. Even if you have ridden on a bike prior to, you might be shocked at the somewhat poor cornering on this issue. It is both too abrupt or not abrupt sufficient. Whenever you make a turn, gently tug the joystick in the meant path. Check out to go too steep for too extended and you'll fly off the track.

- The first aspect of the trip, down the steepest aspect of the mountain, is easily the most dangerous. Stay away from pedalling through this aspect! Let the mountain's inclines carry you! The last issue you need to have whilst making an attempt to make sharp turns is much more speed.

- Pay interest to Dom's prompts. He might be obnoxious, but he's fantastic at warning you about what's coming up. This is in particular correct of one particular very hairy area early on and an incredibly steep corner near the halfway stage. It is also significant to know when jumps are coming up, however only insofar as you never panic when you hit one particular.

- Early on, you might as well resign by yourself to death if you go off the trail. It is very tricky to recover. That said, you can easily recover after you happen to be on the grass and depart the trail, and in some instances you can get some wonderful shortcuts if you reduce across the greenery. This is in particular correct appropriate at the end of the race, where there's one particular corner foremost to the target which you can zip appropriate across and gain a lot of time on Dom.

- Will not take into consideration this a race right up until you attain the green slopes. After you happen to be performed here you have a lot much more room to maneuver. Prior to this... concentrate on residing. You will have plenty of time to catch up to Dom.

Gold Medal Completion

Totally free Faller - Fall for 7 seconds prior to opening the parachute. One one particular thousand, two one particular thousand, three...

Major Air - Get two seconds of air whilst on the bike. There are plenty of jumps. You will have your chance at one particular stage or yet another.

Downhill King - Win the bicycle race towards Dom. Apparently Rockstar wasn't cruel sufficient to force its racers to beat Dom just to finish the race, but, really, winning is not so undesirable after you attain the slopes at the base of the mountain. Use the open areas to select up a lot of speed, and reduce across trail and grass alike to make up time lost on the slopes. Dom does not go insanely quick at any stage, and so extended as you never fixate on taking the lead you can easily claim it in the last stretch of the race.